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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Websites Visitor Numbers is No More Secret

Wouldn't you like to know how many visitors your competitors or your favourite blog gets ? Now it's possible to find it out, free and easy... is a unique visitor traffic estimator which displays any website’s unique visitor numbers. Against Alexa's top and percentage numbers, this is a very useful tool because Alexa is not showing directly how many visitors a website gets. Alexa shows you if a site is popular and rank in the top 100.000. But with this new site you can see an estimation of the unique visitor numbers a site gets. The site says, you should not take it as the exact visitor numbers, but they are pretty close. I tested all of my domains and 'yes, they are pretty close'.

I hear you asking 'How could they know ?'
It's a good question. The answer is they don't, they only guess. They collect data from Alexa, Google
and Yahoo like backlinks, Alexa ranking, indexed pages, combine and process them for an estimation on each site.

When you use WebInfoStats, it is important for you to remember that the number of unique visitors is different from visits, pageviews and hits. A 'unique visitor' is statistical metric where each visitor who generates traffic to a website is counted only once in a special time frame; generally on daily base.

This is an online solution where you enter only the url to get the stats of the site you entered. They also show some additional information about the website, like description, Google Pagerank and Alexa Rank. You can also navigate through the new sites added to their database.


  1. Earlier there was a lot of debate on the usability and credibility of Alexa, the Search Engine, and the web information company. There were serious speculations that amidst cut throat competition from other search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo, Alexa stood a very minor chance in staying afloat in the rough waters. However, as far as analytics and rankings are concerned, Alexa is thought to be a trusted and reliable term by millions of users. The Alexa toolbar is easy to download and use. The extremely user friendly and helpful features of Alexa has also made it a favorite among the webmasters along with Google. So much so that today world famous press materials like Wired, Forbes, and Wall Street Journal are also publishing articles about Alexa. No wonders therefore, today Alexa is a known name in the internet arena.

  2. hm..ya..but now its not a matter


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