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Sunday, December 28, 2008

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How the system get the statistic of your website and text link without install javascript code? They have wordpress plugin for the publishers, in order to gather the text links and statistic of your website. I have just signed up and learn how to maximize the earning opportunity through their system by selling the text links
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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Make Free and Cheap calls from your Browser

Much i love the idea of using a service like Skype to make free calls and cheap calls to landline phones,.Its yet another program to install into our computer to work it out.

Enter Gizmocall,which gives skype like services but requires no special softwares to download and install wasting our precious time.Instead it works right inside your web browser (any browser)for windows/mac platform.

All you need is a microphone,which in ur webcam is enough.You can make free calls to GIZMO users,Toll free numbers,and other VOIP networks like (earthlink and livevoip).
Here is the full list of gizmo freebies.

Gizmo call doesnt do instant messaging,or video call,but it do a convenient way of making phone calls inside the browser.So,let we grab it for a taste!
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Living in Internet World

The world now we are living is turning to be the hell to the human
itself.Every invention lead human a foot step up in his life.
Internet the word itself tell that we inter connected from anywhere
in the world.The faster the growing population,increase in overall
using of internet by the people.

Its going rare that,people use web,to surf or search unwanted things
or porn,rather than useful things.Mainly youths are not in a
controlled manner to use web properly.

Internet will lead to illegal way,if we are not alert ourself.

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Need Mobile tricks

The mobile operators in india who have TRAI controlled liscense permission for the spectrum of GSM operated mobiles like NOKIA,SONY ERICSSON,SAMSUNG,LG,MOTOROLA have increasingly faced new troubles.

GPRS-(GLOBAL PACKET RADIO SIGNAL) is the mobile firmware installed in the mobile phones to bear the internet connections.It handle about 56.7 kb/ps as per the manufacturer concerns.But the operators gave its customers a limited acessing speed.

Airtel,Vodafone,Bsnl,Idea,Aircel are leading web service hosters in India,now.
As the total world is engaging in Pc with Broadband and Mobile with 3G internet access,India is struck and digging with older GPRS in Mobile phones.

Think it !
Even countries like Indonesia,Japan,and many more,these are very tiny countries when compared with INDIA in term of
*(india)8 th place in top rich countries.

Whats the use with all these in india.Very small countries have fully empowered by new BROADBAND,EDGE,3G interndt facilities.


India is still feeding students,bussiness men,corporates, with the older GPRS for its 110 crore people,in mobile access.

Grandly expected All new APPLE IPHONE 3G,was introdused in India,By airtel and Vodafone from October,2008.

All are buying iphone 3g,even with high cost,but there is no 3G in india at all.

Indian union minister for IT,MR.RaSA,have taken steps now,
that is 3g spectrum auction will be conducted in january by 27,
between december 26 and jan 1,mobile operators can apply for the auction.

We are expecting very eagerly to have 3G on our mobile,this will happen on 2009.

Thank you,for patiently reading this blog.

Leave your comment,to improve my blogs tech.
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Security Tighten Your Pc

They enter in silently as innocous e-mail attachments and messages,through forged websites or manipulated downloads.
Before you know what is happening they hav already taken complete control over your computer.
The no.of viruses,Trojans,and other malware programs is increasing as last year there were 5.5 Million new malicious files,according to computer security firm AV TEST.This is about five times more than that of 2006.

Security software manufacturers are now countdring tide with a new method for virus-detection-behaviour analysis.The primary reason behind this new strategy being adopted by the anti-virus specialists is the malware explosion that took place last year.The main fallout of that rapid expansion proved that the virus programmers are constantly coming out with the new techniques to try to outwit the scanners,with newer versions spreading faster and even wider.

Tips For Safe Computing:
*Install and activate a antivirus program that monitors for suspicious activity in real-time.

*Ensure that tie virus definition file in your virus scanner is up to date.

*Use an antispyware,anti malware applications in combination with a good virus scanner for better protection

*An active firewall is better than no firewall.

*Schedule your virus program to scan your computer

*Do not install pirated software,especially computer games

*Finally,trust the security system that you have set in place and

not a fake popup that displays a warning
"Viruses have been found on your PC".

I hope this is little worthful for u.If u need any help about pc,softwares,os,mobile.Contact me by leaving comment here with your email.
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Sunday, December 7, 2008



For config price.
1.Home basic :
*Processor Athlon 64 X 2 4600, 2.4ghz. 2900
*Ram 2 GB kingston,ddr2 2400
*Hard disk hitachi deskstar 160 Gb 1800
*Graphics card onboard -
*Monitor samsung sync master 928nw 9000
*keyboard and mouse logitech internet pro 850
*Speakers Logitech X20-2.1stereo 1600
*Sound card onboard high def audio -
*Pc case iBall i648 400watts power sup 1400

Total Rs.24,700.

Rem it:prices are indicative and are subject to change.
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A-DATA S701, 8 GB.

A Strange One:
To captalize on the Eee Pc craze, A-Data has jumped onto the white plastic bandwagon venture, the S701 "SPORT SERIES" USB drive eepc compatabile.

Also its compatabile with all pc,jst like any other pen drive.Its quite small even for a USB flash drive and has a rubberized body with raised dots for better grip.

Most pen drive does not have large storage as like this,which users will welcomes additinal 8 Gigabytes.
Instead usb hub its having tab like design.So you could plvg it in but your computer simply wouldnt detect it and you'd be left wondering why. Plug and play be damned,you need to get the plug part right! The tab could also break off,without the metal housing for protection.Still ,8gb is quite tempting for the price offered.


*dimension (WxHxD) : 38.5 x 28 x 5x8 mm , weight 10g,

*capacity : USB 2.0,

*Ready Boost : yes.

*Price : Rs.1050

*phone: 080 41654050.



*warranty: 1year.
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NOKIA E71 Bussiness Edition

Nokia's E series has always been aimed at business users,but its different from N SERIES with its bland bulky look.The 1st Eseries models were bulky and lack in multimedia feaurer,and unattractive to anyone.But this has changed.
Todays E SERIES, are not only looking good bt also
come loaded with bundles of features!

The E71 is available in dark or light shades of mettallic grey,with white or black keypads.The darker looks lot more sophiscated.Its in QWERTY models.It includes 3.2 mp camera and flash.The left edge has micro USB port,and microSD card slot,protected by plastic flaps.

Like its predecessors,E71 uses a large 320x240 pixel screen,can show 16 million colors.An ambient light sensor next to ear piece adjusts screen brightness.Ringtones or loud,if not very clear,thanks to monospeaker,on upper rim and u have infrared port for copying small files and sync devices.

Its supports
*A2DP for wireless stereo hedsets.
*Wi-Fi is of 802.11 G variety and you can scan for available hotspots.
*3.2 mp camera,with autofocus,LED,red eye reduction,lot of modes to capture images.Video recording take 15 frames ps
*Internets GPRS,EDGE,GPS, all this make u connect the web,fast acces.
*SOFTWARES, S60 OS is used in and familiar apps like quick office word,excel,powerpoint,new inbox,Email,Zip and PDF.

Performance and Conclusion::
we found that E71's battery life to be more lasting two full days with heavy voice usage and minimal Wi-fi and Gps activity.Call quality was good.The phones CPU is fast enough to handle work.Bussines people welcome its happily.
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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Motorolo Mobile Secrets

Welcome friends,
All of a single person use mobile phones nowadays.Due to the enormous growth in the Technology,every one use to have a handheld mobiles as regarding their range from low to royal N96,X PEDIA,......

Motorolo is known for its unique brand style maker.Models like choco bar,slide up,open style are the major manufacuring brands.

If you have a MOTOROLA mobile,i gave you this secrets.As every mobile maker made some shortcuts at factory setings.
*7 - Lock and unlock the mobile,
19980722 - its like master key,it can use to unlock any moto.
*#06* - to know IMEI number(suits for all mobile brands)
*#403# -to know the manufacuring of the mobile
*#303# -to know the functions of menu key.
*#300# - to know the software and hardware of the mobile.
*#402# - to change the mobile view contrast to and reduce.
*#304*1998072 - to set the engineering mode of keys.
*#0000# - to set back the language as before it came to market.
32*279*1*0*8 - to check the mobile model.
#PROGRAM# - to change the mobile banner.
#02#* -to know the version of software used in the device.
*#4225364633# -to enable mobile comfort.
*#987*99# - to set battery setings to default.
#32# - to set the mobile time to default.

I think all this information may be helpful for u!
Dear frnds, use thir secret codes with your own risk.

Thanking you!
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mobile Gadget

Hi friends,welcome to the all new mobile pedia site.Here,we let you know the secrets of
1.Mobile tricks.
2.Mobile secrets.
3.Mobile operatings.
4.Downloading tricks.
5.Downloading free links.
6.New mobile gadgets.
7.Comparison of mobiles.
8.Price configures.
9.Pc tech solutions.
10.Tips to attract u r........

So,when u entered here,u dont need to just type what you want to look for in a search engine,and select that link,which lead you to broken,spam websites.
Its so comfortable for u,to view a product that is newly launched,reviews,and offers,price tags.
Single click to enter the new criteria like,if u click mobile downloads,it will open a page all about downloading a song,video,softwares etc..

Likewise, after u found mistake or any faults please be frank enough to mail me to rectify it.

Visiting this website regularly may improue your knowlege,and encourage me to do lot of new things,for you.

I assure you all,that i will provide valuable information,updated news.Regularly.....

Thanking you.
Yours lovingly MDM.

.Take Care.
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