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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why so Many Bloggers Give Up Quickly

Creating a blog is an exciting experience.

When you first start blogging it feels fun and when you start getting traffic blogging feels really fun. A lot of people go into blogging expecting to be the next Wil Wheaton or Dooce or Perez Hilton. These same people often scrap their blogs for other projects within a month or two. Why is that? Technorati says that there are millions of blogs in the system and that thousands of new blogs are created every day. Why are so many of these blogs abandoned?

Patience is a Virtue!

For some reason people think that a blog will see overnight success. Guess what—it simply is not true! It takes quite a lot of time to build up a blog's following and gain some notoriety within the blogosphere. Even Heather Armstrong (the author of the popular Dooce blog) and Jason Kottke started out small. No blogger has ever been popular immediately. They have the fame they have now because they stuck with blogging and built an audience from scratch. It can take months or even years to build up an audience and when the attention isn't immediate, most bloggers will give up.

Thinking too Small

Today the single most popular piece of advice given to new bloggers is to "choose a niche." While it is certainly helpful for some bloggers to center their sites around a certain idea or notion, these same bloggers do not often take the time to figure out which niche best lends itself to blogging. The truth is that any niche can be blogged about as long as the blogger thinks broadly enough. Unfortunately most novice bloggers pigeonhole themselves from the beginning. Instead of focusing simply on marine biology, the blogger might focus solely on a single type of fish or location. Eventually it becomes difficult to think of blog posts and the blog naturally runs out of steam.

Are you easily bored?

When choosing a niche or a blogging subject, it is a good idea to choose something that you are passionate about. Most bloggers try to choose subjects (or niches) that are already popular or that could end up earning them money. The problem with this is that these markets are already oversaturated so the competition is worse. The other problem is that the blogger might not enjoy his/her subject matter and get bored with it quickly. Choose a subject that you can (or already do) talk about every day without tiring of it. Most bloggers choose based on numbers, not emotions.

All of these things can lead to the abandoning of a blog. The simple truth is that building a popular blog takes time focus and quite a lot of energy and effort. There is no way to simply coast into a very popular blog and the blogging fame that comes with it. Take your time and build slowly. You'll be better off in the long run!

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