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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Need Mobile tricks

The mobile operators in india who have TRAI controlled liscense permission for the spectrum of GSM operated mobiles like NOKIA,SONY ERICSSON,SAMSUNG,LG,MOTOROLA have increasingly faced new troubles.

GPRS-(GLOBAL PACKET RADIO SIGNAL) is the mobile firmware installed in the mobile phones to bear the internet connections.It handle about 56.7 kb/ps as per the manufacturer concerns.But the operators gave its customers a limited acessing speed.

Airtel,Vodafone,Bsnl,Idea,Aircel are leading web service hosters in India,now.
As the total world is engaging in Pc with Broadband and Mobile with 3G internet access,India is struck and digging with older GPRS in Mobile phones.

Think it !
Even countries like Indonesia,Japan,and many more,these are very tiny countries when compared with INDIA in term of
*(india)8 th place in top rich countries.

Whats the use with all these in india.Very small countries have fully empowered by new BROADBAND,EDGE,3G interndt facilities.


India is still feeding students,bussiness men,corporates, with the older GPRS for its 110 crore people,in mobile access.

Grandly expected All new APPLE IPHONE 3G,was introdused in India,By airtel and Vodafone from October,2008.

All are buying iphone 3g,even with high cost,but there is no 3G in india at all.

Indian union minister for IT,MR.RaSA,have taken steps now,
that is 3g spectrum auction will be conducted in january by 27,
between december 26 and jan 1,mobile operators can apply for the auction.

We are expecting very eagerly to have 3G on our mobile,this will happen on 2009.

Thank you,for patiently reading this blog.

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