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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Earn Money via LinkS is another new opportunity for the blogger and website owner to earn money with their text links. It allows publisher to use no follow tag for the text links. This is great because you not only can earn from the text links but you also will not get penalty for your Google page rank by using the no follow tag. For example,

sell text links


What does can help you to earn money?
1. It enables web-based publishers and markets to sell and purchase text link advertising within the existing content using a fully automated system.

2. It allows marketers to grow their website’s link popularity and search engine ranking through contextual text link advertising.

3. The goal is to make purchased text links more mainstream, relevant, targeted form of advertising.

4. Features as instant link placement; you set the pricing on your links; monthly commission payments; simple, and easy to use at member area.

5. Benefits as Great natural links in content with not sponsored links; monetize every webpage you want to sell text links; set the pricing for the high ranked keywords such link “SEO”, “Money”; links are sell themselves, you no need to worry and liaise with the advertisers; no javascript or code needed to attach at your script; you can use no follow to sell your text link if you want to.

How the system get the statistic of your website and text link without install javascript code? They have wordpress plugin for the publishers, in order to gather the text links and statistic of your website. I have just signed up and learn how to maximize the earning opportunity through their system by selling the text links


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