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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Motorolo Mobile Secrets

Welcome friends,
All of a single person use mobile phones nowadays.Due to the enormous growth in the Technology,every one use to have a handheld mobiles as regarding their range from low to royal N96,X PEDIA,......

Motorolo is known for its unique brand style maker.Models like choco bar,slide up,open style are the major manufacuring brands.

If you have a MOTOROLA mobile,i gave you this secrets.As every mobile maker made some shortcuts at factory setings.
*7 - Lock and unlock the mobile,
19980722 - its like master key,it can use to unlock any moto.
*#06* - to know IMEI number(suits for all mobile brands)
*#403# -to know the manufacuring of the mobile
*#303# -to know the functions of menu key.
*#300# - to know the software and hardware of the mobile.
*#402# - to change the mobile view contrast to and reduce.
*#304*1998072 - to set the engineering mode of keys.
*#0000# - to set back the language as before it came to market.
32*279*1*0*8 - to check the mobile model.
#PROGRAM# - to change the mobile banner.
#02#* -to know the version of software used in the device.
*#4225364633# -to enable mobile comfort.
*#987*99# - to set battery setings to default.
#32# - to set the mobile time to default.

I think all this information may be helpful for u!
Dear frnds, use thir secret codes with your own risk.

Thanking you!


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