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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Security Tighten Your Pc

They enter in silently as innocous e-mail attachments and messages,through forged websites or manipulated downloads.
Before you know what is happening they hav already taken complete control over your computer.
The no.of viruses,Trojans,and other malware programs is increasing as last year there were 5.5 Million new malicious files,according to computer security firm AV TEST.This is about five times more than that of 2006.

Security software manufacturers are now countdring tide with a new method for virus-detection-behaviour analysis.The primary reason behind this new strategy being adopted by the anti-virus specialists is the malware explosion that took place last year.The main fallout of that rapid expansion proved that the virus programmers are constantly coming out with the new techniques to try to outwit the scanners,with newer versions spreading faster and even wider.

Tips For Safe Computing:
*Install and activate a antivirus program that monitors for suspicious activity in real-time.

*Ensure that tie virus definition file in your virus scanner is up to date.

*Use an antispyware,anti malware applications in combination with a good virus scanner for better protection

*An active firewall is better than no firewall.

*Schedule your virus program to scan your computer

*Do not install pirated software,especially computer games

*Finally,trust the security system that you have set in place and

not a fake popup that displays a warning
"Viruses have been found on your PC".

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